Welcome to my personal website. It serves as a hub for my web presence, a blog and a hobby. I hope you find something that interests you.

Antoon van Hooft

News and Announcements

11-08-2023 Fully static html

After Katex has been replaced by the Mathematical Markup Language for rendering equations, the website is now 100% static and Javascript free.

21-07-2023 Syntax Highlighting

The website now features static syntax highlighting for computer code. It is provided by Pandoc and a (more) lengthy style.css file.

17-07-2023 New hardware

The website-server hardware has been updated. It now runs on an old laptop with a broken screen. The previous gear (see this blog) was having troubles and causing downtime.

13-07-2022 Celebrations

The website celebrates its approximate one-year anniversary as I have decided to extend my claim on the antoonvanhooft.nl domain name. We continue to make the internet a better place!

20-4-2022 New article

We have published a new article in the Journal of computational physics on the design and performance of a novel fourth-order accurate and adaptive solver for incompressible-flow problems. Follow the DOI link here.

3-8-2021 HTTPS

This website is now served using a secure connection. It should be marked as such by your browser (check for a lock icon in the address bar). The certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt and is obainted using Certbot software

9-6-2021 Welcome!

The website is live! Albeit only for “insiders” via the server’s IP-addres. Access via a domain name should become available soon…

(update) … antoonvanhooft.nl now exists

8-6-2021 Test test…

This very first news entry on this site is hereby added, eventough the website is still offline

The marvelous design of this website is taken from Suckless.org